I Should be updating this website with all the newest and COCK-THROBING Songs and News I cause!

links: Bandcamp! Soundcloud? Link to webpage? Bloggus: Entry 01 (07/09/22)
Entry 02 (07/11/23)
Entry 03 (07/21/23)
Entry 04 (07/28/23)
Entry 05 (07/29/23)
Entry 06 (01/31/24)
Entry 07 (02/17/24)
Entry 08 (05/11/24)

Changed my fuckin profile picture lol. and I also added blog entries who cares tho.

Damn, It's been a year since i've made a "Blog" post... I should get to fixing up this website soon. I'm also trying to intergrate a CyberTerra mean time clock in here. I just think it's cool but I am not part of whatever the hell it comes from... Also, i'm trying to cook something up but it might take a while. SHIT, I JUST FUCKED UP THE HACKY ZONE!! I'LL HAVE TO FIX IT TOMMOROW FUCK!

Apparantly the hacky zone fixed itself almost?! I'm not sure how that happened but i'll be updating all the other pages. Also, Music progress is slow but I am still experimenting... Only thing that's left really is to get a drum set along as finish up on the bonetta 1838 stuff. it should arrive on the 27th or so...

I'm a fucking dumbass that bonetta 1838 shit is tommorow. Stay tuned?

Alright, It's out now! If you snoop around the hacky zone you'll be able to find my first release. Brace yourself, it's not very hard to find and the album actually sucks total ass. I plan to make a small tiny puzzle for every release!

Oh, ew... I just realised i wrote the date formats as MM/DD/YY... Anyways, Happy new years from your ol' Pal BIGPENISMANDOTGOV!!! I've been thinking about rebuilding this page up from scratch because i'm pretty sure I fucked up the formating... (If you inspect the source code, you might see just how bad it is teehee)

I felt like doing a entry post even thoguh I have nothing to say at all. Hiiii! I have done nothing at all! :D Music is uncertain at the moment. no ideas at all! Or one idea that sucks a lot i guess. idk. somethin's gonna come out eventually!

well, this is unexpected. I litteraly started working on this track yesterday (i think) and lo and behold. It's a new release! REDfun! (It's kinda dogshit and bangin' at the same time.)

Not much here yet but that should change soon...


While you wait, enjoy the hacker zone

(WIP) Cyberterra Mean Time format: